Resolve System

This is a list we have compiled of Resolve parts and accessories so you may better understand what Resolve can offer your company and/ or office. Essentially what you have is a system based on five organized, repeatable configurations called "constellations." Each offers a different level of enclosure, from open, two-sided constellations to more private, five-sided ones. Designers can cluster and mix the constellations to form more complex patterns that yield the optimum floor plan, create higher-density layouts that use your floor space more efficiently as well as support group and individual work.

Base System Components

Poles: Serve as a support mechanism for the system to which arms (To create a 120 degree connection between support arms) and screens attach as well as components like worksurfaces and shelves. They also serve as a channel to carry power to the desktop. Power in this system is primarily carried overhead until it is brought to the desktop via the tall pole or brought below the worksurface and transferred via the lower arm. They are available in 48" and 60" for short poles and 96" for the tall power poles. This single item alone is what makes the Resolve system unique from other workstations on the market. Setting itself aside in versatility and style. It is because of these poles that the system stays together, power is distributed and the worksurfaces may be attached.

Support Arms: Used to connect tall, short and in-line poles into "constellations" and hold screens firmly in place to create boundaries. The support arms serve as a vital part of the Resolve system. They come in both a 48" and 60" width and 48", 60" and 96' in height. A lower height may be more suitable for those working together on similar projects, giving them the space they need while being able to face to face communicate with their neighbors. Something higher would inhibit interaction but add privacy.

Screens: They are tack-able and come in an array of colors. We have display screens that allow you to attach velcro accessories to them, marker board boundaries, rolling screens for added privacy and we have a great many of designs already on the textiles themselves. These are the single most colorful item in the Resolve system, to see your options please consult Herman Millers' Colors of Resolve resource and contact us today to check on product availability.

Boomerang Worksurfaces: Attaches to a pole for support in the rear corner (in the "V") at its 120 degree corner and has two free-standing legs for support. Has pin-adjustable legs which can be installed from 20" to 31" high (requires installation support to change height.) Comes in two sizes, one that fits the 48" arm configuration and one that fits the larger 60" arm configuration. Additionally they come in an extended size allowing you to choose between 48x48x48, 48x60x60, 60x60x60, 60x60x48 and 60x60x60 allowing extended boomerangs to fit into any kind of configuration you can come up with within the Resolve system.

Fixed & Sliding Trusses: Trusses attach to tall pole tops to route power and data cables overhead and delineate space. Trusses carry power and data independent of the workspace below so workstations can be light, open, and easy to plan and reconfigure; a truss can hold a 6-circuit, 10-wire electrical harness and has capacity for 144 Category 6, 4-pair UTP cables at a 60% fill rate. Cables in trusses can be routed in an efficient pattern that radiates from the center of a space to the perimeter, using significantly less cable than spine wall routing. The truss system is an iconic image of the Resolve system. Of course, it can be substituted for data power channels, but they don't carry nearly as much data as the trusses.

Additional Surfaces

Input Table: If your budget does not lend itself to the extra space an extended boomerang can provide or if an extended boomerang just does it cut it for having the appropriate space your employees need, then an input table may be a great affordable solution. It is a foamcoat top which is 7/8" thick and is 22" deep by 31" wide, akin to the boomerangs in every respect with adjustable legs and casters so it may slide freely from under a Resolve worksurface, or used for any number of office demands.

Equipment Table: This 28" high rectangular table can hold a printer, fax machine, scanner or any number of other work items, and includes a secondary shelf for storage. The tabletop and shelf are 22" deep by 31" wide, It is similar to the input table in many ways except it has added storage and no casters. It's a stationary table.


Other surfaces include: Cafe table and Monitor Pod.