Frequently Asked Questions

Q "How much is a Resolve station?"
A It depends on the amount, size, storage and privacy needed.

Q "What size does Resolve come in?"
A Resolve comes in 2 basic sizes; 6X6 and 8X8. The system uses 120 degree connector so it will layout differently than a traditional “box or rectangular “ station. Resolve is a pole system. The poles come in three heights; 90”, 60” and 48”. They are joined together by either 60” or 48” support arms which connect the poles and support the screens along with other tools, power, etc.


Q "How high are the Resolve screens?"
A 48”, 60” or 69” tall.


Q "What colors do you have?"
A Our finishes are constantly changing as we acquire and sell used Resolve. Please send us an email and we can let you know what colors are available right now. For an idea of what we have to offer, please consult Herman Millers' Colors of Resolve brochure.


Q "Where does used Resolve come from?"
A We buy our Resolve from companies who are downsizing, moving or changing their offices. We also purchase excess Resolve from Herman Miller locations all over the US. This is a very easy system to reconfigure and is limitless is it's applications to different business which is why we serve to recycle this quality product.


Q "How old is the used Resolve?"
A The Resolve systems can be new to 9 years old. Herman Miller released Resolve in 2000. However this does not mean the quality of the product is diminished. We make sure all formcoats are re-finished and we release nothing that isn't to our quality standards.


Q "What comes with a Resolve station?"
A Whatever you want in the station. We start with a basic station depending on the layout. Each station would include the poles with integrated electrical, support arms, screens and a boomerang worksurface with 1 piece of storage. You can add additional storage, shelving, paper flow tools, task lights, and on and on.


Q "How do I get the Resolve stations to my office?"
A We normally ship in crates to minimize damage. Shipping is usually between $50 to $100 per station depending on a few parameters: how many stations, location, and delivery logistics such as suite location, elevator or lack of, loading dock, etc. We have shipped all over the United States, Canada, Mexico as well as Japan and Costa Rica.


Q "What if something is damaged during shipment?"
A We just need a photo of the damage and we’ll ship out a replacement. If it’s critical to a deadline, we’ll expedite the shipping. We don’t wait for shipping claims, etc.


Q "Who installs Resolve?"
A Any office furniture installation company can handle the install. Resolve is easy to install. Any one can install Resolve. We have an installation manual which we can email if you want to install it yourself or have proven installer who is not familiar with Resolve.


Q "Is there a warranty?"
A UsedResolve has a 1 year warranty on all parts.


Q "What kind of payments do you accept and what are your terms?"
A We take all forms of payment including credit cards. We require a 60% deposit to start the project with the balance due prior to shipping.


Q "What if we want to add Resolve screens or accessories later?"
A Once you’re setup as a UsedResolve customer you can add any anything to accessorize your UsedResolve stations.


Q "What condition is UsedResolve?"
A UsedResolve is in very good condition but not perfect. That's how we can offer such a great discount. There may be small nicks or scratches but no dents, gouges or anything noticeable without close inspection. Typically all product is given a look at before it leaves our facility. Worksurfaces are refinished, screens are checks to make sure there are no popped seams, poles are painted and inspected for dents. We want you to rest assure, that when this product is placed within your offices, you will pleased with the aesthetic result.