These past projects serve as examples of the Resolve system. They are in no way representative of the entirety of our inventory or the amount of jobs we have done; we have a much larger stock that just what is shown here in our 20,000 sq foot warehouse and our clients can be found all over the world. If we have worked with you in the past, and you wish to display what Resolve has done for your company and receive a reciprocal link, please contact us. These are different configurations, with different worksurfaces and accessories. Each set of images comes with information on the jobs and should give you an idea of what to expect once you've decided to purchase Used Resolve.

Braintree, Massassachusetts

Elcom has been delivering their PECOS procurement solution for over a decade. With over 250 clients globally that have benefitted from the cost effectiveness and reduction in IT complexity offered by delivery of PECOS. PECOS reduces the cost and IT complexity often associated with eCommerce and makes it simple to publish and manage supplier content and connect to buyers. PECOS is easy to use, allowing entry of requisitions and management approvals from anywhere and at any time through a PC or mobile device over the web.

Chicago, Illinois

City Tech
Their expertise is based on programming languages that run on the Java and Microsoft .NET platforms. Development of business applications, Enterprise Content Management, application integration using services oriented architecture, ecommerce, Application usability design and strategy.

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Alexander Marketing
A marketing company located in Grand Rapids, MI. Used Resolve was approached by Sarah Sadler at Via Designs, a full service design firm also located in Grand Rapids who specified Resolve for Alexander’s new offices. Via supplied the layout and specified the colors.

Irvine, California

Island Pacific
A global leader in retail merchandising and store operations software with locations in California, Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom. Herman Miller Workplace Resource was looking for a Green, cost effective way to supply Island Pacific with Resolve workstations. Used Resolve supplied the infrastructure to be blended with Herman Miller new screens and files and installed all the workstations.

Irvine, California

Studio PMG
A company specializing in corporate branding and business identity. We were contacted by Rob Schrader, the CEO to retrofit a room with resolve to compliment their building's modern and streamline design. We were able to fill this demand in within 10 days due to our close proximity and our timing could not have been possible without our Used Resolve installation team.

Irvine, California

WowTools/ Mortgage Coach
1997, Dave Savage and Greg Wexler established WowTools and introduced Mortgage Coach to the industry. Initial offerings included the Total Cost Analysis and RateWatchâ„¢ reports. Dave had been a customer of Alternative Office since 2000. They needed new cubicles for their new location now located In Irvine, CA. Mortgage Capital had to put 33 employees into a 6X6 workstation. Working with Lois Jones, operation manager, we laid out the space and installed the stations in 2006.

Oakland, California

Based in Oakland, Pandora is quite possibly one of the most well known internet radio stations. It possesses a listenership of millions around the world and allows people access to its genome of music similar to artists they frequently listen to. Consequently, they have a large staff of developers and customer service personnel with an equal appreciation for music. Used Resolve was contacted by Pandora to furnish their offices with 150 stations; the result was monumental installation undertaking leaving a room filled with modern work areas.